Australia is one of the world’s most extremely urbanized countries; it’s acknowledged for the attractions of its giant cities like state capital, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.


Australia is that the sixth-largest country by expanse. It’s comparable in size to the forty eight contiguous U. S. Australia is lined to the west by the Indian Ocean, and to the east by the Pacific Ocean. The Tasman Sea lies to the southeast, separating it from New Island, whereas the Coral Ocean lies to the northeast. Papua Island, state and land square measure Australia’s northern neighbors is separated from Australia by the Arafura Sea and the Timor Sea.


Australia is extremely urban with most of the population heavily focused on the Japanese and south-eastern coasts. Most of the midland square measures of the country are semi-arid. The most-populous states square measure Victoria and New South Wales; however the most important in expanse is Western Australia.


Australia has a neighborhood of seven, 682,300km² (2,966,152 sq. miles) and also the distances between cities and cities square measure straightforward to underestimate. The govt. has printed a National comfort station Map.


Australia has giant areas that are deforested for agricultural functions; however several native forest areas survive in intensive national parks and alternative undeveloped areas. Long-term Australian concerns include salinity, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and management and conservation of coastal areas, especially the Great Barrier Reef.

Some of the quick facts about Australia are:


Some of the quick facts about Australia are:


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Some of the quick facts about Australia are,

Capita is Canberra

Capita is Canberra

Government Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Constitutional Monarchy)

Currency Australian dollar ($, AUD)

Area 7,741,220km²

Water: 58,920km²

Land: 7,682,300km²

Population 22,681,261 (2011 Census)

Language English (spoken by everyone), numerous other languages spoken. Aboriginal Australian languages still spoken in some Aboriginal communities even though many of these languages have been lost.

Electricity 240V, 50Hz (plug Type I)

Country code +61

Time Zone UTC +8 to +10

Emergencies dial 000


As a large island a wide variation of climates are found across Australia. Most of the country receives more than 3,000°hr of sunshine a year. Generally, the north is hot and tropical, whereas the south tends to be sub-tropical and temperate. Most downfalls are round the coast, and far of the center is arid and semi-arid. The daytime temperatures in Darwin seldom drop below 30°C (86°F), even in winter, whereas night temperatures in winter sometimes hover around 15-20°C (59-68°F). Temperatures in some southern regions will drop below phase change in winter and also the Snowy Mountains within the South East experiences meters of winter snow. Elements of Tasmania have a temperature vary terribly just like England.


As Australia is within the hemisphere the winter is June-August whereas December-February is summer. The winter is that the time of year within the tropics, and also the summer is that the wet. Within the southern elements of the country, the seasonal temperature variation is larger. The downfall is equally distributed throughout the year within the southern elements of the geographic region, whereas within the remainder of the south on the far side the good Dividing vary, the summers square measure dry with the majority of the downfall occurring in winter.


Australia contains a prosperous Western-style free enterprise, with as per capital GDP on par with the four dominant West European economies which has been remarkably resilient to the recent worldwide economic worsening.


The service industries, including tourism, education, and financial services, account for  majority of the Australian Gross Domestic Product – about 69%. Within the service sector, tourism is one of the most important industries in Australia, as it provides employment, contributes $73 billion to the economy each year and accounts for at least 11% of total exports.


The primary industries – mining and agriculture – account for most of Australia’s exports. Iron ore and coal are by far the largest exports, with wheat, beef and wool declining in importance.


Australia has a comprehensive social security system, and a minimum wage higher than the United States or the United Kingdom.


The present Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is that the current leader of the national government and also the Liberal- National Coalition that holds a majority within the House of Representatives.


The Queen remains the pinnacle of state, and her representative in Australia – the Governor-General – in line with standard knowledge and lampoon – contains a ceremonial and politically nerveless role (while holding the last word power to dismiss the Prime Minister).  The Prime Minister is believed to wield the foremost authority in government. A vote to alter Australia’s standing to a republic was defeated in 1999; however the problem remains as an often debated topic.


The two major political parties in Australia square measure the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and also the Liberal Party, that operates in coalition with the National Party. Rising in power is that the social democratic Greens Party, that maintains Associate in nursing crusader policy platform and is effectively a partner of the mountain. It is to be noted that the Liberal Party is (traditionally) a center-right, Conservative Party – the term liberal refers to maintaining a free economy.


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