Data, Communication, and Security Technology

New Technologies for data, Communication, and Security.

New technologies, for the most part primarily based upon the progress { data of knowledge} process and worldwide spreading of digital information sharing, have greatly contributed to the economic process of the USA throughout the last twenty years, and still, do even when the monetary worsening of 2008-09.

The information technology market is massive by itself, from biggest company customers to virtually each individual, and is massive because of its several alternative industrial domains, from cars, physics, to biotechnologies and food process.
The U.S. leadership in data technologies (computers, telecommunications, multimedia) and in micro technologies (Microsystems, neon chips) remains robust in many various ways:

Scientific and technological breakthroughs, e.g. attributable to the event of the web, of social networks, of code, of electronic elements etc.
Major industrial actors primarily based within the U.S., whose position is dominant if not monopolistic: Google, Intel, AMD, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle etc.
Some of the simplest analysis centers in the world; high concentration of risk capital and extremely dynamic start-ups system, not in Golden State and Massachusetts, however in nice Washington space, Illinois, Texas, even when the 2008-09 downturn; the largest IT client within the world: the national, as well as the military ($80 billion a year);high attractiveness of foreign specialists in hi-technologies, even though the home countries could be a new part (e.g. China, India);good penetration of web in homes, companies, academic establishments, though’ the U.S. is not any longer #1 in hi-broadband affiliation rate, insolent behind Korea, Finland, etc.
The R&D share of the federal allows IT, with an awfully high increase at the flip of the XXIst century, underneath the initiative of the PITAC (President’s data Technology consultative Committee), followed by some delay within the 2005-2008, and is increasing once more. Some new sectors area unit inflicting this increase: Health IT, Security, High-End Computing as applied to Energy (nuclear, climate models), Biology (molecular modeling, DNA), and currently for virtualization computing systems (Internet services, Cloud).

The federal administration, through the America Competes Act, the Yankee Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA stimulus), is committed to supporting the analysis in IT, and in cyber-security. This IT R&D budget is coordinated by the Networking and data Technology analysis and Development (NITRD) and has inflated, throughout business years 2007, 2008, 2009, from $2 b. to quite $3 billion. Personal investment in IT R&D is maybe around $100 billion a year, with many actors on top of $5 b. (Microsoft, IBM, Intel,) or a minimum of on top of $1b. (Google, currently Facebook). We can notice several concentrations and Reconstruction, most likely accelerated by the 2008-9 monetary downturns and also the emergence of Cloud computing: quite $20 billion throughout the half-moon Q4-2009, and once more $100 b. in 2010.

In this context, it’s necessary to develop partnerships between French labs and corporations (e.g. Poles DE Competitive), and U.S. centers of excellence in IT, nanotechnologies, to require opportunities on this quickly evolving market.


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    Здесь проводники в жилах состоят из нитей – пучков тонких проволок, которые можно сгибать миллионы раз, в зависимости от конструкции, не ломая и не теряя свойств тока или передачи данных.
    Одно из самых неприятных мест для кабеля – тяговая цепь. Здесь кабели питания, сервопривода и передачи данных расположены близко друг к другу и перемещаются вперед-назад по мере работы машины.
    Иногда со скоростью более пяти метров в секунду с ускорением, превышающим ускорение силы тяжести более чем в пять раз.
    Кабели проложены в тяговой цепи таким образом, что они изгибаются только в одном направлении.
    КГ 2х1,5-0,38